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Global payment processing: grow sustainably

Cross‐border e‐commerce enables businesses to reach new target audiences and grow sales. With exactly®, merchants benefit from support for all major world's currencies and dozens of popular payment methods, end‐to‐end security coverage and PCI compliance.
Associates dig deep and help businesses to identify the best ways to execute local routing, UI localisation and fees optimisation. A truly customer‐centric approach helps to cut involuntary churn, increase conversions and brand penetration.
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Versatility in payment methods and languages

Display local currencies across the world and delight visitors with superb checkout experience.

The gateway processes payments seamlessly behind the scenes with automatic currency conversion and global reconciliation processes. A suite of popular payment methods helps to reach buyers in locations where specific wallets are preferred.

All UI elements are localisable in major languages.
The fully-localised checkout experience drives customer engagement and conversions rate increase.
The system uses the IP address to identify the locally used language.

Intelligent payment routing

Failover transactions

Any transaction which hasn't been accepted by a specific acquiring bank is automatically furnished to another acquiring bank. This process, known as "failover" or "cascading", enables to cut the rejection rate since that other bank might enforce differing requirements or risk policy.

The failover mechanics help to match a wide range of buyer profiles with appropriate acquiring banks.

Fully customised and AI empowered

exactly® merges the complete customisation by associates and AI capabilities in order to analyse the data in the merchant account and see unique patterns. The associates review customer data and implement optimised intelligent routing mechanics with constant improvements cycle powered by AI‐derived insights.

The team regularly revises the strategies, searching for potential upgrades to keep in sync with changing market conditions.

Selection of a best‐fitting acquiring bank

The internal engine automatically reviews the meta‐data for the transaction (region, country, currency, amount, and more) and identifies the best‐fitting local acquiring bank. Since the issuer and acquirer share the geolocation, the sellers see a higher approval rate for their transactions.

The extensive network of acquiring banks partnering with exactly® helps to eliminate any friction throughout the customer journey globally.

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Payment processor & merchant account

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Acquiring banks globally

Payment Processing with exactly®

We help companies to accept online payments from their customers. Be it desktop or mobile device payment processing, our payment system is there to enable your business to receive money for the products or services you sell to destinations all over the globe, in various currencies.

By partnering with exactly®, get access to accepting International and Local payments from:
Debit and credit cards
Alternative methods

Simplified integration across major platforms

The associates deliver a frictionless integration process. Compare the two options below, and choose the one that fits your needs.

Robust reporting and reconciliation tools for efficient growth

A versatile set of reports simplifies the quest after insights and opportunities for adjustments. A labor‐intensive reconciliation process imploded to mere minutes.

Intuitive dashboard

The real‐time data generation helps to see a crystal-clear picture. The intuitive UI/UX offers templated reports as well as full‐scale customisation. A frictionless export process ties exactly® with the merchant's preferred BI tool.

Easy reconciliation process

All data is pulled within a single, multi‐currency storage space. Global e‐commerce businesses find it easy to access the in‐depth data, without any labor efforts on their part. All it takes is one integration with the system.

Uncover important data points

High granularity helps e‐commerce to pinpoint areas of success and lag. Analyse sales by region, country, type, currency, and more. The root causes of chargebacks and refunds are identifiable, enabling merchants to develop robust defence mechanisms quickly.

End‐to‐end security assurance

Our clients witness robust security across all their payment processing operations.
exactly® is fully PCI‐compliant.
Integrating our gateway releases business from any compliance concerns.
3D Secure simplifies authorisations thanks to AI at the core.
Tokenization helps merchants to devise and implement global subscriptions and loyalty campaigns more easily and securely.
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