High‐quality payment gateway for your e‐commerce store

Pick between hosted or integrated pages. It's easy to set up and maintain over time. You can start charging paying customers within hours. All building blocks are fully PCI‐compliant, and we use anti‐fraud and 3D Secure systems to further improve customer experience and safety.
An intuitive dashboard and customisable reports help you gain valuable insights into your e‐commerce business.
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The effective payment gateway for e‐commerce sites

Our payment gateway will help your e‐commerce site to deliver a better checkout experience and grow conversion both in your local market and globally. The all‐in‐one payment system includes the payment gateway and merchant account.

Accept payments globally

Integrate the payment gateway the way you need

We'll help you to identify and embed the integration option that fits your business needs.

Intuitive dashboard for deep‐dives and data‐rich insights

Base your strategy on informed decisions. We help you automate your reporting and accounting processes.
Analyse core metrics in real‐time
Clear roles and permissions to set up a financial team fast
Ready‐to‐use report templates with the ability for deep customisation
Easy export for structural data in .csv
A secure account with two‐factor authorisation and action tracker
Look into causes for card rejections
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End‐to‐end security assurances

At exactly®, your e‐commerce site wins from comprehensive security across all our products. Leave security and audits to us and focus on your core business instead.

Anti‐fraud system

We use a robust combination of AI‐powered and manual processes to reduce fraud cases within your business continuously. As a result, your confidence rises and you see a lower number of fraud attacks.

PCI DSS compliance

exactly® fully complies with all the rules and requirements set forth by PCI DSS. It doesn't matter whether you are compliant or not, you can start processing payments at once. We deal with red tape and headaches arising in connection with compliance, freeing your team to perfect other segments in your customer journey.

3D Secure 2

We've embedded Visa's 3D Secure 2 capabilities across all our operations, enabling your customers to have an easier authorisation process. It helps your store filter out many fraudulent transactions, using various markers to identify odd‐looking requests.

Global e‐commerce payment gateway made easy

exactly® enables your store to accept payments globally. Scale your business across various countries and tap into new markets.
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