Local payment processing

Local payment processing - a chance to expand via local market sales globally.
Payment processing opportunities provided by exactly® can help you reach new target audiences globally.
By accepting local payment methods, your business can build a stronger trust with the buyers from a specific region - if you offer to pay via their favorite or accustomed payment option, the purchase is more likely to be successful.
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Local payment methods explained
Local payment methods, also known as alternative payment methods (APMs), are non-credit card payment options that are popular in specific regions.

These include digital wallets, bank transfers, cash vouchers, local debit networks, open invoicing, and other payment methods used in-store and online throughout the world.

To effectively reach an international audience, a merchant needs a payment gateway that can provide recognizable and trusted payment choices to their clientele.

The solution is to connect our next-generation payment processing system, which supports a range of payment methods that customers demand, such as local cards and local payment methods including bank transfers, eWallets, and cash.

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Local Payment acceptance in the UK and EU

With our payment system technology, merchant can accept local payments in the UK and EU with no hassle. The list of supported local payment options is constantly developing, and new ones are being added to our list.

The most-recently added European local payment partners, operating in Portugal:


Benefits of local payment method acceptance

Why exactly®?

  • Wide coverage

    Payments from all over the world are accepted

  • Chargeback alerts

    To prevent fines, be aware of potential chargebacks

  • Acceptance options

    Process VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX payments

  • Subscription payments

    Subscription goods can have recurring payments set up

  • Built-in analytics

    Leverage the built-in analytical system to examine money flow

  • High successful payment rate

    With our smart routing technology, you can keep your transaction success rate at a high level

  • Flexible payment form settings

    Customize the payment form to meet your company's needs

  • One-click payments

    To boost the number of loyal consumers, enable one-click payments

  • Alternative payment options

    Receive payments from a number of alternative payment options

  • Payment links

    Use payment links for special deals and custom orders

Why you need to choose exactly® payment system?

Payment page

Tailor the payment page according to your brand design to be able to provide a truly seamless payment experience

API integration

Easy and fast API integration to any website, application, or CMS

In-depth analytics

Analyse sales channels by studying the data provided by the built-in analytical system to be able to optimise processes and increase revenues

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