Effective settlement processes for chargebacks and disputes

The special team fights chargebacks, constantly improving methods and tech enablers.

The amalgamation of machine learning and sophisticated expertise transpire novel strategies. A holistic approach including retrieval, representment and analytics helps both with friendly fraud and criminal intent.

1. Retrieval

Expedited discovery, clear communication and alerts

2. Representment

A coordinated collection of documents and evidence for a successful defence

3. Analytics

Machine learning and manual data mining for improved prevention

Accelerated chargebacks retrieval

Efficient identification

The system aggregates and furnishes the full scope of all associated information, including a unique ID for the original transaction, amount, date and four last digits of the card. It helps eliminate up to 80% of intensive manual labor.

Automated delivery

Delimited files transfer via flexible API connections. Associates help integrate processes either for manual handling or import into the system of record.

Early alerts

Any dispute‐related actions by a customer immediately trigger a pre‐chargeback alert.

Automated data exchanges with card networks, efficient code identification and 24/7 in‐parallel processing help prevent an escalation to chargeback. Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI) is used to the full extent.

Mitigation of friendly fraud

Associates dive deep, searching for weaknesses and bottlenecks within business processes. Converting chargebacks into refunds helps keep the chargeback score low while also growing customer loyalty and positive word of mouth.

Various levels of engagement

Full tech stack and dedicated managers enable exactly® to take charge of end‐to‐end dispute representment or assist only within specific stages. Merchants enjoy unique support and training in automation, script development and security.

Tech solutions to cut criminal intent

3D Secure strengthens authorisation and prevents most auth‐related claims. Tokenisation facilitates recurring payments for more accessible authorisation in future charges. All operations are pre‐compliant with PSD2.

Analytics for deep dives and ML empowerment

Chargeback mitigation: first step in optimising payment processing

Even an experienced e‐commerce team might suffer elevated chargeback scoring.

Whether it's friendly fraud or criminal intent, merchants should take active efforts to nip nascent trends in the bud. The biggest bang for the buck always comes from mitigation and processing pre‐chargeback alerts.

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