Recurring payments: easy integration and robust security

Design your recurring payments with ease thanks to our out‐of‐the‐box templates. Our robust RESTful API enables you to integrate at any platform with just a few lines of code.
Your customers can enjoy a seamless checkout experience, frictionless and uninterrupted. Experiment with various subscription plans to discover what works best for your business. exactly® takes care of security, assuring end‐to‐end PCI compliance.
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Recurring payments at a glance provides an intuitive and hassle-free process for initiating and managing recurring card payments, allowing businesses to seamlessly set up and oversee periodic withdrawals from their clients for subscription products or services.

Charge client's globally, iterate on plans, and see your revenues grow.

Frictionless integration for recurring payments on‐site/off‐site

Choose between integration options

Use our API to integrate on your site or pick the hosted option. Enable recurring payments both for your website and mobile app. All designs are fully responsive and adaptive, offering a seamless experience cross‐device. exactly® is compatible with all major e‐commerce and CMS platforms.

Implement out‐of‐the‐box templates

It's easy to implement our ready‐made templates. No need to invest effort and time in designing, prototyping and A/B testing mock‐ups. Rely on high usability and structure in our designs, successfully used by consumers to grow conversions in their sales funnels.

Configure unique payment scenarios with blocks

Apply ready‐made blocks to set up independent sections for your offered purchase checkout journey. Combine them within our powerful RESTful API to quickly create uniquely configured payment scenarios. Your sales team will feel empowered since they can quickly mock up and offer fully customised scenarios for individual customers, industries, or segments. Experiment with subscription plans.

Customise and implement smart invoices

We deliver a set of ready‐for‐use invoices you can further customise as per your needs. Upon clicking on an embedded link, customers get transferred to a fully secured hosted payment page. You can brand all collaterals including invoices, notes and reminders.


from Stately Corp.

Accounting Services
133.00 $
Tax Compliance
71.00 $
Consulting Services
50.00 $
4111 1111 1111 1111

Smart dunning to cut rejections and grow revenues

In many cases, failed withdrawals occur due to "involuntary churn". Your subscribers want to stick with the offerings, but something goes wrong. It can be insufficient funds, card limits, expiration or even a mistake by the bank. We'll help you clench back revenues and pamper your client's even more.

In‐advance noted to "pre‐heat" customers
Smart retry logic with up to 10 retries
Automatic card updater to prevent expirations
Multiple cards/methods checkers to avoid card limits or insufficient funds
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