Payment links for faster payment processing

Payment links offer a new way to charge customers on any payment channel.
Managers share them easily in messengers, social media, email or text messages. By clicking the link, users are transferred to a fully secure hosted payment gateway.
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Streamlined process to create and manage payment links

Customers generate links with ease and enable payments across all channels.

Use cases for payment links

A novel business model, links grab attention and entice with a highly personalised attitude. Use cases are versatile and add flexibility to underlying business model.
  • New small business

    A home‐based venture enjoys the ability to start charging from the get‐go, without the need for a website or mobile app. Links are an excellent fit for one‐person service providers who seek to elicit a highly personalised and customer‐centric ambience.

  • B2B invoicing

    Embedding links into invoices serves to streamline the payment process. No need to business partners to look for payment details, use an external service or deal with bank transfers. Links give a precise answer as to how the business wishes to be paid.

Shorter checkout journey
Without the need to visit the site, users find it easier to move through the checkout sequence. A lower number of steps increases the conversion.

Managers help users make the final decision faster by providing them a clear path toward the conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions
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