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Companies receive multi‐currency payouts within one business day. The dedicated manager guides the team through all steps to set up and manage the account, always ready to assist. A truly all‐in‐one solution, exactly® merges the payment gateway, merchant account, and reporting capabilities.
Full localisation, intelligent payment routing, and versatility in payment methods empower global scaling.
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All‐in‐one solution: merchant account and payment gateway

The sales proceeds are expediently transferred into the merchant account in multiple currencies and across global markets. Companies find it easy to withdraw profits into business accounts or retain them at the Europe‐based account for reinvestment.

An integrated payment gateway covers all transaction processing operations end‐to‐end, offering security, fast performance, and in‐depth reporting.
Extensive capabilities for efficient e‐commerce management

Like‐for‐like payouts in major currencies

Companies can receive payouts in the same currency, in which the sales proceeds were generated. It's easy to withdraw the multi‐currency holdings into business accounts with the entities domiciled in the respective jurisdictions.

The broad‐based global network of acquiring banks

The intelligent routing system automatically picks the appropriate acquiring banks with the lowest fees on offer. Businesses see higher authorisations in explored markets. Smart dunning and retry mechanics rescue customers from being lost to involuntary churn.

Flat‐rate pricing

All transactions are subject only to the fixed fee. Currency conversions are performed free of any additional commissions. Clear fee policies, combined with robust reporting and real‐time data generation within the payment system, simplify analysis and planning.

Fully-customisable processes for merchant account management

The dedicated manager oversees all processes, facilitating the identification of the areas for growth and adjustments.
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