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One-click payment to boost your retention sales

Enable this seamless payment feature for your clients and increase loyalty together with the revenues
One-click payment is a simplified payment process for the repeated sales. The buying side triggers the transaction with a 'buy' button click and is executed without recurring authentication.
Also known as the "card-on-file transaction", which means that the buyers save their tokenized card details within the particular online shop to use for the shorter checkout process in the future shopping ever after.
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Why does your business need one-click payments?

The payment type can be applied to almost any business — education, e-commerce, MaaS, entertainment, multi-service platforms, etc.
  • Fast and smooth checkout

    With such payments, the checkout procedure will take just a couple of seconds and single button click. The prompt process is highly evaluated among the latter-day shoppers.

  • Increased retention sales

    Seamless payment experience will attract returning clients. The seller offering this feature is usually preferred above the competitors who don’t.

  • Boost revenues

    One-click payments make it possible to raise customer’s loyalty, and with it increase the amount of repeat payments, which in overall will boost revenues of your business.

  • Raise customer loyalty

    Enabling this feature on a client's side is a symbol of trust, meaning an increased loyalty. Make sure you treat your reverting customers well.

How do one-click payments work?

  • Step 1.

    The user creates an account on your site or app

  • Step 2.

    Registered user completes first purchase

  • Step 3.

    The card details are offered to be tokenized and saved for future shopping on your site. The client needs to agree to activate.

  • Step 4.

    Next time your client buys from your website, the checkout is completed without the additional authentication, just after one click.

One-click payment process
With one-click payment
  • Make order
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Checkout completed

After agreeing for the seamless payments, customers can buy from your shop by filling their cart and proceeding with a one-click checkout.

Without one-click payment
  • Make order
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Fill in the card details
    cardholder's full name
    card number
    card expiry month
    card expiry year
  • 3DS verification
  • Checkout completed

Are one-click payments secure?

Security is one of the main concerns of every matter related to money. Fraud is considered to be a significant challenge for any online business.

Fraudulent transactions are often met even among the authorised payments, so there is an even greater risk if considering the unauthorised ones. More unauthorised transactions may result in an increased number of chargebacks which can lead to losses. So before enabling an option of the one-click payment, assess the need for it.

Ensure that the business model is suitable for instant shopping, your store is appropriately protected against account hacking (think about implementing multiple-factor authentication), and that the fraud prevention mechanisms work the way they should.

How to enable one-click payments for your loyal customers?

Merchants, partnering with exactly®, are able to easily set up such payments:
  • You come to the decision that your business model needs such a type payments

  • You contact your dedicated agent

  • We enable this feature for your site or app

All set, you can start processing one-click payments
Boost your sales by combining one-click payments with:

Why you need to choose exactly® payment system?

Payment page

Tailor the payment page according to your brand design to be able to provide a truly seamless payment experience

API integration

Easy and fast API integration to any website, application, or CM

In-depth analytics

Analyse sales channels by studying the data provided by the built-in analytical system to be able to optimise processes and increase revenues.

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