Referral program for payment gateway: high‐converting offer

Partners and clients of the payment system exactly® refer other merchants to receive rewards affiliate payments determined individually for each case. The referral program is ideal for web development agencies, freelance web designers, ISOs, and software integrators. The intuitive dashboard enables to monitor and manage multiple referees, their transaction volumes, and rewards.
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Streamlined process

The dedicated manager oversees all processes, facilitating the merchant to identify areas for growth and adjustments.

Easy embedding into services

Web development companies build out e‐commerce sites from scratch and embed the payment system within. Security is assured across all components.

Smooth integration with software

Marketplaces and CMS providers include the payment gateway, offering the full‐cycle payment processing capabilities for the hosted merchants.

Personalisation at the core

Associates with exactly® seek to empower merchants with utmost personalisation. Resellers pass on this customisation‐driven approach to the end‐merchants, delighting e‐commerce teams with bespoke processes, functionalities, and solutions.

Intuitive dashboard for simplified monitoring

The dashboard enables resellers to review and manage all information about the referred companies quickly.

The charts and reports serve to identify growth drivers and weaknesses, empowering ISOs and freelance developers in their efforts to convert merchants. The intuitive design and smooth processes ensure high UI/UX.

Full‐cycle payment processing with bespoke execution

A highly experienced team is of converting even the pickiest merchant. Each instantiation of the payment architecture is the fruit of laborious collaboration between a merchant and associates.
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