Digital realities demand virtual card processing

Reduce physical engagement required to make a purchase on your website or online store by providing the option of virtual card processing. Working exactly like the traditional bank cards, virtual cards offer strong encryption security and a high level of convenience.
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Virtual card - the future of payments

Virtual card - more secure purchases at the new or unfamiliar stores

A virtual card is a card that is generated and saved in a digital wallet on a smartphone or on an electronic device of your choice and may be used to make contactless purchases in shops or online. Similar to regular debit and credit cards, a virtual card has its own unique card number, expiration date, and CVC, which ensures the possibility of secure payments.

Types of digital cards:

Why Is The Use of Virtual Cards Rising?

Virtual Card - The Future of Payments

According to Juniper research, compared to 2021, virtual card use is predicted to increase by approximately 400% by 2026 globally. The increase is directly related to a developing digitalisation and improved security of virtual cards.

The changes will affect both - B2B and B2C segments, meaning that merchants pursuing different business strategies should be ready to accept a payment method growing in popularity.

Why you need to choose exactly® payment system?

Payment page

Tailor the payment page according to your brand design to be able to provide a truly seamless payment experience

API integration

Easy and fast API integration to any website, application, or CMS

In-depth analytics

Analyse sales channels by studying the data provided by the built-in analytical system to be able to optimise processes and increase revenues

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