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Credit card processing for your business

Credit card processing is the most crucial and one of the most recognisable payment methods in the world. Enable such a type of payment option for your online business to start sales right away.
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What is credit card processing?

For the merchant

For businesses, credit card payment processing means accepting credit cards as a payment method within their online store or website. A consumer provides merchant credit card data to be processed, which usually delivers the money to the merchant's account in a couple of days.

For the payment system

For the payment service provider, this definition means so much more - there are many parties involved from the time the card is used for the payment until the money is transferred into the merchant's bank account. And each of them is in charge of a critical phase in the sequence of events.

  • Step 1

    The customer enters card details on a merchant’s website.

  • Step 2

    The merchant sends the payment data via payment gateway tot the acquiring institution.

  • Step 3

    The acquiring institution securely forwards the card data to the card network.

  • Step 4

    The card network requests payment authorization from the cardholder’s Issuing bank.

  • Step 5

    The Issuing bank sends the response (approwed or declined) back.

Credit card payment processing involves the following parties:
  • Buyer with card (Cardholder)

    Someone who has a bank card or credit card.

  • The issuing bank

    A bank that issued the credit card

  • The merchant

    A business accepting credit card as payment for provided goods or services

  • The payment system

    The payment processing software provider that enables merchants to accept online payments

  • The acquiring bank

    The bank that transmits transactions to the network, which subsequently forwards them to the issuing bank

There are two possible integration options offered within our system:



For the merchant:
Simple, no-coding integration
Reccuring payment option
Full interface customisation possibilities
Firm security provided by the processor
The checkout page is located on the processor's website
Payment details are transmitted directly to the payment processor
For the client:
Redirection to payment page
The cart summary is available on payment page
For the merchant:
The fully-guided setting, yet IT forces required
One-click payment option
The checkout process is located on the merchant's website
Payment details are collected directly from the merchant's website
Fully-customisable interface
For the client:
No redirections to payment page
The checkout process is executed as a seamless procedure
Possibility to pay for the following purchases in one click
Processing costs for credit cards

Many payment processors have a slew of hidden costs when it comes to credit card processing.

Transactional fees
Such as interchange reimbursement fees and assessments.
Flat fees
Such as PCI fees, yearly fees, early termination fees, and monthly minimum payments incidental expenses, such as PCI fees, annual fees, early termination fees
Monthly minimum fees
Like chargebacks or verification services.

Pricing offered by exactly® is fully transparent and tailored for each business individually. Before cooperation beginning, merchant is provided with the list of possible costs for all types of transactions that may appear.

Why you need to choose exactly® payment system?

Payment page

Tailor the payment page according to your brand design to be able to provide a truly seamless payment experience

API integration

Easy and fast API integration to any website, application, or CMS

In-depth analytics

Analyse sales channels by studying the data provided by the built-in analytical system to be able to optimise processes and increase revenues

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