Payment Acceptance

Exactly payment system provides payment acceptance for all types of e-commerce.

With Exactly payment system, your website will be able to accept payments for goods and services worldwide.

We accept more than 150 currencies.

Your customers can use variety of payment methods, bankcards or other alternative payment methods integrated in our system. Our pricing is transparent, no hidden fees or commissions. Unified financial reports will increase efficiency of transaction analysis and simplify income/expenses management.

Exactly payment system is highly secure.

Unique payment methods of security will eliminate fraudulent transactions and prevent attempts of malicious attacks on your business.

Scaling Business Opportunities

Expand your business by accept payments worldwide.

Allow your customers to purchase goods or services in local currency using our Exactly payment system. This way, you will save money on currency exchange. Exactly with us, everything is becoming easier!

  • Quick integration.
  • Acceptance of more than 150 currencies.
  • Real time conversion.
  • Personalized payment form.
  • Card Processing: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, MIR and others.
  • Electronic Wallet Processing: Qiwi, WebMoney, Yandex, and others.
  • Mobile friendly
  • Invoice generation
  • Fast payouts on cards and Electronic Wallets
Instant integration

Our developed plugins reduce integration time, and do not require additional programming. Instant integration, will save your time, and most importantly your money, since you will be able to use advantages of our payment system, in no time!

Flexible settings

Integration through API allows you to configure the system, as you like for your particular type of business. Adjust settings for managing payouts, reporting systems and other features to maximize the benefits of financial decisions.

Financial control in your personal account

In your personal account, you can manage payments, accounts, API keys, access to accounts and other functions necessary for your business. Everything is simple and convenient - you will figure out how does Exactly payment system works in just a couple of minutes!

Overview of real-time payment processing statistics provides you with necessary knowledge for making operative decisions.

Your personal account will optimize the entire sales and logistics system of your company.

You are always aware of what type of payments are accepted, in what currency and from which country the payment is made. This will optimize the entire sales and logistics system of your company.

Maximum comfort for you and your customers!

Diversify responsibilities and manage the process using our payment system.

What could be more convenient than full control over your online business? We will help you achieve this goal in a short period time and without significant investments.


Tools of the payment system are multi-functional. In order to unleash the potential of your business, various methods of analysis and analytics can be used, along with multiple parameters and statistical data.

  • Access to statistics
  • Analysis of transaction success rate
  • Demographic analysis of transactions

For this role model maximum access is allowed. It supports all system functions and grants privileges to exploit all tools available.

  • Access to all tools
  • Access to statistics
  • Payment method controls
  • Commission and limit settings
  • Role management

Manager’s role implies control of transactions and sales. Available data can be filtered and set correspondingly by the manager.

  • Access to transaction status
  • Country and map filters
  • Export of payment operation list

Highest standards of security

Our payment system has an integrated antifraud system.

This system analyzes each transaction in real time. It is constantly improving, through machine learning and a special combination of algorithms, by assessing risks and increasing the level of protection depending on the circumstances.

Access to your personal account is secured by 2 step authentication and all of operational actions are verified by SMS.

The highest level of security makes you confident in your business!

Exactly security system complies with the highest standard PCI DSS.
High level of security together with high transaction volumes, does not cause any delays in payment processing.

Our system supports 3D Secure transactions.
With this technology in place, you will significantly decrees level of fraudulent transactions and possible financial losses.