Accept payments on Wix even more flexible

Create a website with Wix’s powerful technology to go online with a personalised, professional web presence, and choose exactly® as your payment gateway to benefit from extensive customisation options, tailored strategies, and the most competitive rates.
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Grow your sales and extend your reach with Wix and exactly®

The tandem of two bright representatives of their industries - the online payment platform exactly® and a professional platform to build your website and web presence WIX will bring your business to an absolutely new level of online trade.

Convenient offer placement, a look of an independent online store, flexible acceptance methods, and prompt transaction processing is the key to success.

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Receive secure online payments from your Wix website
Manage your payments received via exactly® gateway all in one place
Handle your business’ payout schedule
Process refunds and chargebacks
Offer flexible partnership conditions, from memberships to subscriptions
Transactions could be made from any device
Drag-and-drop building capabilities make the use of editor simple, especially for non-technical beginners
There is a variety of ready-to-use templates available
Excellent online store selection - system includes a large array of eCommerce tools.
Scale and grow opportunities – regardless of the size of the website you're constructing, you will find the tools you need among their remarkable features and wide-ranging app store.
A great deal of adaptability and creative freedom, allowing you to effortlessly alter your design to look as you like.
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Your payments are firmly protected

While Wix takes care of your content and listings, exactly® will take care of the financial aspect of the project - we will securely accept, firmly store and promptly pay out your funds.

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Chargeback management system
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Fraud protection
Integrate exactly® with your Wix website easily by following the next few steps:
  • Step 1

    Submit the application.

  • Step 2

    Provide the necessary documents.

  • Step 3

    Get a Merchant ID Key to integrate with Wix.

  • Step 1

    Go to the Wix dashboard payment settings.

  • Step 2

    Choose "Accept Payments" and locate exactly® in "Third-party credit/debit card providers".

  • Step 3

    Enter your Merchant ID provided by exactly® and connect.

Why you need to choose exactly® payment system?

In addition to the above, with exactly®, your Wix website will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Payment page

    Tailor the payment page according to your brand design to be able to provide a truly seamless payment experience

  • Easy Management

    Intuitive and easy online dashboard with a wide number of possibilities

  • API integration

    Easy and fast API integration to any website, application, or CM

  • Fast Verification

    Start accepting client's money for products and services in minutes

  • Smart Checkout

    Payment methods are optimised depending on a customer's location

  • Budget-friendly rates

    Lowest transaction fees in the market

  • Fraud Protection

    Bank cards processing with firm built-in protection

  • Global Support

    Human support team, 24/7 availability, prompt reaction

Additional features:

Payment links

With our advanced email invoicing service, generate a link with a payment request within a couple of seconds.

Just log in to your personal account in our system.
Locate "Cashier charge requests."
Create a link requesting payment with your desired expiry date in a few clicks.
More about Payment links

One-click checkout

Provide faster payment possibility to loyal customers, starting with a second purchase.

Offer to save their banking details for the future to enable one-click purchases.

Sensitive data is stored safely and encrypted, protecting it even from potential leaks.

More about Recurring payments

Subscription premiums

Enable subscriptions for your customers with no hassle. Create a product or service package paid on a specific time basis and let them subscribe.

Recurring payments - the easy way to promote a long-term relationship with clients and plan your income.

More about Recurring payments

Expert Team

For more features and detailed information, please get in touch with our Expert Team.

Our company's representatives will consult you on Wix ecommerce payment trends and will be glad to help by providing a piece of advice with pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why you need to choose exactly® payment system?

Payment page

Tailor the payment page according to your brand design to be able to provide a truly seamless payment experience

API integration

Easy and fast API integration to any website, application, or CM

In-depth analytics

Analyse sales channels by studying the data provided by the built-in analytical system to be able to optimise processes and increase revenues.

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